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Classical PTK


Focused on the true concepts and philosophy of PTK

​Urban Survival Tactics

Senior Architect

Urban Survival is the basic and fundamental tactics utilized when dealing with real life street scenarios, which encompasses: Edge & Impact Weapons Training, Empty Hands Training, and Filipino Ground Fighting Training. These training topics are based on PTK, a no-nonsense reality based fighting system.

Women Survial Tactics


Women Survival Tactics is a fast evolving personal defense program for woman who seek the practical learning of self-defense. This program covers more than the skill of survival and the knowledge of protecting oneself. Development of mental attitude to survive unexpected attacks on any given situation will transform points of one's insecurity under a life threatening environment to a decisive, confident individual ready to face any form of attacks.


Senior Architect

Utilizing "PTK" concepts to condition and strengthen the body

Military, Law Enforcement, and Executive Security Combatives

Senior Architect

Tactics specifically designed for police, military and security personnel wishing to adopt a complete combative/defensive-tactics program which includes safety baton course, edge weapon counter-measures

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